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What Sets Us Apart From
Auto Accident Leads Companies?

  • Risk-free accident case acquisitions
  • Fast delivery of large orders
  • Superior quality assurance
  • Ethically sourced & TCPA compliant

We have relaunched our MVA Program for 2021.

For increased client satisfaction and predictable, affordable cost per case, our focus for MVAs is
now on signed leads – rather than real-time calls or traditional MVA leads.






Leads Delivered

Reviews from Satisfied Attorneys

Real Customers, Real Satisfaction

"Better PPC is the best PPC management agency we’ve worked with, hands down. They’ve saved me lots of money over the years and helped me keep our beds full. I highly recommend them."

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CEO Elevate Addiction

"Better PPC and Craig have been a huge part of our organization’s success. I have been an executive for close to 30 years and Better PPC has been one of those amazing business relationships you wish you had more of."

Dr. Glen Petcavage


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Are You Price-Shopping
for Motor Vehicle Accident Leads?

MVA Lead prices are constantly changing and tend to rise over time.

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Main Types of MVA Signed Leads
We Can Deliver

  • Bicycle Accident Case Leads
  • Pedestrian Accident Case Leads
  • Car Accident Case Leads
  • 18 Wheeler Accident Case Leads
  • Commercial Vehicle Accident Case Leads
  • Uber Accident Case Leads
  • Motorcycle Accident Case Leads
  • Lyft Accident Case Leads
  • Bus Accident Case Leads
  • Truck Accident Case Leads
  • Serious Vehicle Accident Case Leads

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Would You Rather Buy Car Accident Leads or
Get Signed Leads Now?

As most personal injury attorneys already know, there is an average of over 6 million motor
vehicle accidents annually in the United States. The most significant percentage of those injury
cases are from car accidents. This means (unfortunately for the victims in these cases) that
there is a constant high demand for people seeking car accident attorney services.

Most of these auto injury leads are then “sucked up” by traditional lead generation companies
and sold as bulk real-time phone “leads” to law firms or attorneys across the nation. In some
cases, buying standard car accident leads means you are not getting exclusive leads either.

There is a Better Way -
Motor Vehicle Accident with Injury
Signed Leads!

In 2021 LegalCalls.com focus for MVAs is now on signed leads rather than standard calls or

How does it work?

We have two types of MVA leads we can provide:

  • Standard MVA Leads – Pricing for standard MVA leads is $2000 for
    most states. Exceptions include CA, CO, GA, UT (sold out). For a firm quote,
    send us your specific geo-target and we will give you firm pricing.
  • Commercial MVA Leads – Commercial MVA leads are $4,800 in most
    states. We’re also offering commercial MVA leads. These are high value leads
    that more than compensate for the cost. You will receive a mix
    of commercial and non-commercial leads with signed leads.

All contracts come with a record of the intake process, lead documents,
HIPAA, and HITECH signed and dated.

Getting Started:

  • Sample the Quality – Get your first lead without a commitment to order
  • Onboarding – After you are satisfied with the initial test order, we ask for a minimum of $25k/month

Example Signed MVA Lead Case Criteria:

  • Client is not at fault
  • Covered by insurance (Responsible party has insurance or driver is covered by UIM –
    Uninsured Motorist)
  • No Hit and Runs
  • Received medical treatment within 14 days of the accident
  • Not signed with another attorney
  • In Summary, each lead is GUARANTEED to meet minimum standards of viability
  • If the criteria are not met for any reason, the lead will be replaced. (typically 4 out of 5 (80%) meet viability standards with 20% replacement rate)

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Still Looking for Traditional Auto Injury Calls?
We Offer Motor Vehicle Accident with Injury
120 sec. Timer Calls

Pricing for timer calls with a 120 second buffer ranges from $400-$700 on average,
although California, Texas, Utah and Georgia are higher.

We don’t recommend this product for the average attorney.
But your law firm can do really well with these MVA leads if:

  • You are prepared and have well trained intake staff fielding them. For this service
    to be successful, you must have a professional grade call-center capable of
    answering on the first ring and be able to take at least 3 calls concurrently.
    Contact us for a list of recommended call-centers.

Caller Specifics
for 120 Sec. Timer Leads

  • Must take entire state, we cannot guarantee volume for anything less than an entire state.
  • IVR asks users if they were injured in a car accident that was not their fault, then call rings to you.
  • User-initiated calls are coming in direct from Google (or another relevant website) and
    looking for legal help with an auto accident case
  • Concurrency caps available
  • No credits for calls that go to voicemail – every call is billable
  • The calls are coming in unfiltered from the general public. That means most of them will
    be not qualified (with many wrong numbers, confused callers, etc.). No one has
    cherry-picked the good cases. These are raw calls initiated by the consumer – and you
    get to be the first one they talk to.
  • Expect about 4 out of 5 calls not to be relevant to Motor Vehicle Accidents. However, for
    the unqualified leads, you can end those calls before the 120 seconds limit, and you will
    not be billed for those.

Order Details for
120 Second Timer Calls

  • 25 call minimum order and minimum of 3 calls per day
  • Option to cancel at any time. Cancellation will take 2 business days to take effect
  • Send us your state, hours of availability, and the phone number where you want the calls transferred

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