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Delivering high volume in a timely fashion

Accurately qualifying your claimants with rigorous intake process 

Guaranteed contact on every signed contract 

Exceptional quality assurance review of every case

Competitive pricing for mass tort signed retainers

The Legal Calls Difference

Leading clients depend on us for:

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MVA Leads

Pricing for standard MVA retainers is 1900-2200 for most states. Exceptions include CA, UT, CO (sold out).

As part of our MVA signed retainer program we offer commercial retainers for $4500 in most states. These are high value cases that more than compensate for the cost. You can take either a mix of commercial and standard retainers or choose only standard retainers with no commercial cases included.

All contracts come with a record of the intake process, retainer documents, HIPAA and HITECH signed and dated.

Motor Vehicle Accident with Injury Signed Retainers

National Mass Tort Leads and Signed Retainers

No-risk signed retainers available

Top Mass Tort Campaigns Running Now:

  • Paragard

  • Elmiron

  • Talc (Uterine)

  • Talc (Cervical)

  • Metformin

  • Belviq

  • Opiates Addiction

  • Institutional Sexual Abuse

We work with the highest quality sources, like Facebook and Google Ads to bring you exclusive and targeted leads.

Key Staff

Craig Alinder

Vice President

Bryan Bird

Technical Director

Emil Petrea

Senior Media Buyer

Patrick Nichols

Fulfillment & Quality Manager

Cedar Kennan

PPC Copywriter

Gabor Kovacs

AdWords Developer

Joel Shellman

Database Developer



Numbers don't lie; We deliver 100% exclusive leads that are yours alone.





Real Customers, Real Satisfaction

"I've seen BetterPPC consistently produce immense cost savings in account after account, generating new revenue and profits for clients. Their persistent focus on performance and ROI puts them in a league of their own."

Troy Ireland - CEO Digital Current

"Thank you for all you have done for me and my company. You made my business successful by working your magic and for 2 years my beds were always full. I would recommend your company to anyone needing the very best in PPC management."

Dr. Lenny Flaum - President/CEO at Laguna Beach Recovery

"Craig is one of the best paid search strategists with whom I've ever had the pleasure of working. His clients should feel assured that they're in great hands when they work with Craig - without a doubt."

Abhilash Patel - Digital Marketing Executive


Partners who are serious about growing their law practice.

What We Look for in a Partner

One of the most important things we look for in a partner is infrastructure; they have to be able to handle the volume of leads that they’re seeking and they should already have experience with advertising and closing leads from advertising.

We prefer established firms, so we can be assured that our callers receive the highest quality of service, and we only work with companies that have an efficient incoming call answering system because we depend on your sales team to realize the value of our high-quality leads. We will need to know more about how your incoming calls are handled once you move forward with us.

We’re here to find long-term partners who want a serious boost in their volume of business and their profitability and have the infrastructure in place to handle it.

Legal Marketing Whitepapers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our primary sources include:

- Google Ads

- Bing Ads

- Facebook Ads

- TV and Radio

Part of our service is to establish sources of high quality professional referrals, for example doctors and chiropractors who will refer leads.

Yes, the leads we generate are high quality and 100% exclusive.

Yes, with our signed retainer program, we generate the leads, qualify them and sign them to your firm's unique retainer.

We deliver signed retainers at a fixed price, taking the risk out of the marketing equation. We send a complete packet for each claimant, which includes an intake questionnaire, your signed retainer, signed HIPAA and signed HITECH documents. All of our contracts are guaranteed to meet your criteria..

At Legal Calls we set ourselves apart by offering “Guaranteed Contact” on all of our signed retainer products. If you cannot reach the client within 7 days of contract delivery, let us know. We will reconnect with them and hand them off successfully or the contract will be replaced.

We cover every major area of law that consumers are searching for. Our most popular areas are:

- Mass torts

- Motor vehicle accident with injury

- Bankruptcy

- DUI and DWI

- Disability

- Employment Law

- Worker's Compensation

- Personal Injury

Of course! You can choose just one practice area, or multiple ones. And, if you don’t see what you are looking for, we can customize the filters/fields. We are here to help increase your intake of legal prospects that meet your specific area of practice. However, if the practice area is very narrow, the cost will tend to increase, and the volume will tend to decrease.

We provide recordings of every call and you're not billed for calls that don't meet quality standards. You have a chance to review every call before you're billed for it.

While we don't have fixed monthly minimums, we are seeking to partner with firms interested in growing their businesses and which are able to handle a substantial number of calls.

It depends on the volume of leads, your practice area, and your coverage area. Contact us and we can discuss your specifics so you can get a better idea of pricing in your particular case.

It depends. Phone calls are delivered live and in real-time. Signed retainers go through a rigorous quality control process before they are delivered.

There is no long-term commitment and you can cancel anytime. However, we're looking for long-term partners who are competitive in their field and have a strong closing process. If you're a good fit, we look forward to working with you for years to come and growing your practice's size exponentially.

Yes, LegalCalls helps many forward-thinking law firms across the United States through cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

We have years of experience managing successful legal campaigns for our clients. We are at the top of our game and can help you maximize your ROI.

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Why Choose LegalCalls?

✔ Delivering high volume in a timely fashion

✔ Accurately qualifying your claimants with rigorous intake process 

✔ Guaranteed contact on every signed contract 

✔ Exceptional quality assurance review of every case

✔ Competitive pricing for mass tort signed retainers

✔ Always exclusive leads

✔ No contracts, No risk

✔ Satisfaction Guaranteed

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