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  • Direct exposure to Paraquat from work
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In 2021 Paraquat Dichloride (also referred to as Gramoxone) may be the next biggest emerging mass tort opportunity for personal injury attorneys in the United States.

The first Paraquat case kicked off against Syngenta in 2017 in Missouri, alleging a Parkinson’s disease link to the toxic chemical. Since then, the first emerging injury cases are still in their early stages of development with no jury verdicts or settlements yet. In addition, attorneys and investigators are still gathering evidence and researching.

Because of this early-stage development, there are some risks associated with Paraquat injury cases. But at the same time, this means Paraquat is a “ground floor opportunity” mass tort with the potential for the BIGGEST ROI and conversions.

More recently, things seem to be shaping up for this mass tort. For one thing, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is paying much closer attention to this highly toxic commercial use herbicide. In addition, many more scientific studies in recent years link the long-term exposure of Paraquat to the development of Parkinson’s disease. That means a substantial body of evidence is building up for successful wins in these cases.

Also, the timing seems right. Momentum is growing after several years of attorney advertising to create awareness for those exposed to Paraquat. As a result, many more victims are now starting to seek out attorneys for their injuries related to Paraquat exposure.

Let us help you grow your firm with these newly emerging Paraquat mass tort cases! With this ground floor opportunity, it could be one of the best investments you have ever made.

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