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TIVAD Client Acquisition
Example Criteria & Pricing

  • Have a port-a-cath implanted for the administration of medication, nutrition, or blood transfusions
  • “Port” was chest implanted
  • Description of ailment that required port-a-cath implantation: (*most common reasons: chemotherapy/cancer, Crohn’s disease, Sickle Cell, rheumatoid arthritis medication, blood transfusions, parenteral nutrition)
  • Type of catheter or port was implanted :
    • BardPort
    • Bard PowerPort
    • Bard SlimPort
    • Bard MRI Ports
    • Bard Groshong© Catheter
    • Bard Titanium Low-Profile Port
    • Bard Vaccess CT
    • Bard X-Port ISP
    • Angiodynamics/Navilyst BioFlo Port
    • Angiodynamics/Navilyst SmartPort
    • Angiodynamics/Navilyst SmartPort CT
    • Angiodynamics/Navilyst Vaxcel
    • Angiodynamics/Navilyst Vortex
    • Angiodynamics/Navilyst Xcela
    • Other/Unknown
  • No current legal representation
  • See Price List for TIVAD/Bard Powerport Leads

Criteria shown is generalized based on current standards in this mass tort. Tailored criteria sets are available to meet client specifications.

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