Tired of your call center signing
unqualified cases?

Our in-house mass tort intake & call center

LegalCalls are now offering our in-house call center service equipped with a rigorous anti-fraud, intake, rapid medical records check directly from EMR databases, and our thorough follow up process to selected partners.

These are the same agents, managers, and verifications we use to originate thousands of qualified cases for ourselves and our mass tort clients.

Rather than looking to grow a large call center business, we feel there is an ideal size for our management structure and are only interested in right-sizing our operation, not growing beyond a manageable, high-quality, team focused on mass torts.

Not every firm will be a good fit for us.

Our Ideal Client:

  • Cares about quality
  • Has a fairly steady volume month to month
  • Has an eye on the number of signed claimants that fall out
  • Is an experienced professional that knows the industry






Leads Delivered

Results you can expect:

  • Lower cost per real compensable case
  • Better ROI on marketing. Know immediately if you’re intaking qualified cases or not saving valuable onboarding and paralegal time.
  • Massive savings of time and money

No fraud to sort through

All details are present, saving time asking for supporting details and questions

Time consuming identity checks, background checks, medical checks, are done for you.

  • Certainty – when our call center signs a case you can be certain it is good.
  • Massive time savings in the setup, deployment training phase. If your time is worth money we’ll save you a fortune by getting it right the first time.
  • Better relationship with your claimants.
  • Fast medical records! For an extra fee we can check the claimants medical records and verify eligibility. We already have the needed forms and services set up and ready to use.

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How we’re different

Thorough intake. An interview with probing questions a lawyer would ask, not just a ‘note taker’. We structure the intake questions and process in a way that requires the claimant to provide detailed answers ensuring legitimacy of their story.

Script Development. If you provide us with your qualifying criteria, we will write a time optimized script that includes the right balance of open-ended questions to ensure a truly qualified claimant, but not so much that the caller loses interest.

No commission to agents for signed retainers. Our pay structure does not include any commission upon signing in order to ensure agents have no incentives to push unqualified claimants through.

Duration Call Specialists. If you’re paying for leads based on a duration, we can help. We have extensive experience in time-optimized intakes that disqualify the vast majority of unqualified callers within the time limit.

We eat our own dogfood. You’ll be getting the same agents, and training, and management we use to generate our own cases for clients. We know the level of quality and attention to detail that are needed in this industry.

Mass torts are all we do. No other verticals, not even other types of legal leads.

Included checks:

  • ID verification (Beenverified or Transunion)
  • TCPA serial litigator database check
  • Full digital medical records pull – add-on service
  • Anti-fraud affidavit signed & verbally acknowledged

Highly trained agents. All agents are continuously trained to understand and keep up with complex and changing mass tort qualifications to screen out unqualified claimants.

Anti-fraud training. Agents are trained to catch fraud and are not compensated or incentivized to push borderline cases through.

Managers are always on call. Managers are an active part of our call escalation process for complex cases & difficult claimants.

We’re extremely nice and polite. Compare us to some of the competition. 🙂

All American agents. Your team will be all Americans.

New agent training. All new agents get extensive training before they’re exposed to the public.

Comprehensive follow up process. We continually follow up to collect any needed documents or information.

Contact Rate Optimization.  We have several features that improve your ability to reach claimants. In addition to having claimants save all relevant numbers in their phone’s address book so your firm’s calls aren’t screened out, we give them what to expect next steps both verbally and in writing to set clear expectations. For any follow-ups, we find out the best time to be reached and acquire alternative contacts. We can also help with recontact/transferring after signing if need be.

Retainers can be sent via mail & notary. For claimants who may have difficulty signing electronically, we can send a mobile notary to them. We coordinate this with the claimant and the carrier or notary to ensure an easy process. We let no qualified claimant go unrepresented.


No risk to you

  • No contract, cancel at any time
  • Competitive rates billed per minute without built in required fees
  • Eliminate execution risk – With most call centers the setup process is time consuming and error prone. How much is it worth to your firm to be able to hit the ground running?


"We have extensive experience working with mass tort marketing and intake vendors, and Legal Calls stands out. Their team is transparent, responsive, and a pleasure to collaborate with. When we have requested to review agent call recordings to address client concerns, we've been impressed every time by the professionalism and empathy their agents demonstrated.”

Sean Duddy - Partner | Duddy & Czarnecki PLLC

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Pricing -

  • $1.95/minute for inbound and outbound. 30 second increments.
  • Texting and outbound followup included at no additional charge
  • Notary/mailout – $150 for most cases which covers notary and/or mailing expenses. 90% of the time a notary is preferred over mailing.
  • Medical records checks are available for additional fee
  • Included:

– Per phone line fee

– Texting

– ID verification

– Anti-fraud affidavit & verbally acknowledged.

– E-Signing

– TCPA serial litigator screening

– API Integration

– Call Recordings & Storage

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Q – Are your medical records just based on billing codes?

A – No you get a full set of digital medical records pulled directly from doctor and hospital EMR databases


Q – Does requiring extra verification cause good qualified clients to drop out?

A – Not in our experience. In our experience asking for verification is mainly an issue only with unqualified clients who aren’t being truthful. As long as clients are treated with respect and care, legitimate claimants in our experience do not mind the necessary steps. They’ll be asked for these details anyway later in the process, so it is better to screen out unqualified people early.


Q – What is the average talk time required per retainer signed?

A – It depends on the tort, length of intake, and number of support documents required. We usually average between 30-60 minutes of talk time per signed retainer agreement. This varies depending on the amount of info & documentation required.


Q – Are you A2P Verified and Compliant?

A – All numbers associated with our call center are A2P Verified. We are following all legally required practices when it comes to telecommunications and those outlined by our VOIP.

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